Reference of segment length and creation order of draft blocks

Hi, I’m trying to add a notch on an armhole of a back and front bodice pattern to match exactly where I placed it in the back side of the sleeve.

The problem is that the sleeve was the last piece I added to the file I’m working and the back and front pieces were added earlier. And so, what happens is that I can’t find the segment lengths of where I placed it on the sleeve. I could simply create a custom variable with the segment I’m interested and add the length to the notch, but as I start clicking the window the program crashes.

Sometimes I manage to create a variable by referencing curve segment name but sooner or later it becomes zeroed and I idk why. I noticed that it only works for measurements (SeamlyME) and not drawing dimensions.

This is a very annoying problem I face very often and I would appreciate your thoughts on how you manage to work around it.

I’m sending a link to an album with screenshots to better explain:

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Hello & welcome, @guifsdev

First, you need to understand how Seamly2D saved your pattern file. If you open the pattern file in a text file, you will see that it saves the version & name first, then the Curstom Variables, then the 1st board (with all the nodes, curves & lines), 2nd board, etc. & lastly the pattern Details.

And when a pattern is read from a file, it looks at the file in this exact order. Presently, it can’t look ahead to see what was created later.

So affectively, it’s no use to use anything in the custom variables that is in the pattern, because they are save afterwards in the list and will always revert to 0.

It would be better to use a fixed value on both the armhole and the sleeve to place the node in the same place, or use a formula that refers to a measurement in the measurement file.


Hi @Grace, Thank you so much for clarifying. Now it makes sense.

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That actually makes a LOT of sense ! Thanks very much @Grace for the crystal clear answer, and thank you @guifsdev for asking the question :star_struck:


Should be in an FAQ, as just about every user runs into to this issue at one “point” or another. Pun intended.


LOL, yes, @Douglas. I’m going to be taking down my blog very soon - SEAMLY2D TUTORIALS - BURGO METHOD - Home - because I need my website for something else & I never really get time to add to it.

Does anyone have any objections? Or suggestions about what I should do with the info on there?

toss it in the wiki bone-pile?

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Not at all. I saved all the pages in case we can find them useful elsewhere.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Yes, I was thinking of that.

Not a bad idea. Perhaps put it all into a pdf to put on the wiki.