Rebranding Seamly2D


Hello everybody,

I worked my way through the wiki and replaced most of the occurences of “Valentina” through Seamly2D in the english version. I also wrote a small article about the fork to clarify the situation : Fork - Seamly2D . This article is linked in the “about” box of the main page. Feel free to add more information to it.

I slightly updated the Roadmap : Roadmap - Seamly2D

It’s been more than 6 months since the fork and the renaming from Valentina to Seamly2D. All of the domains are still using the name Valentina, the social medias as well. Valentina and Seamly2D are now 2 distinct projects, it is important to achieve a better separation.

Why doesn’t it come forward? Do you need help? I work as a web developper and know my way around domains etc. And what I don’t know, I can learn, so I can help! @slspencer, you can contact me.

Also it seems that the transifex file used for Seamly2D and Valentina are the same (correct me if I’m wrong). They need to be separated.


Oh, you’re a real sweetie-pie. I’m also wishing that the ‘Valentina’ part will be taken out everywhere, including the domain names.


Hi @ronanletiec,

Thanks for the updates! Here’s the new website, including the final branding logo. It’s not finished, obviously.

Are there any volunteers to separate the translations at Transifex? Or should we take up a collection and hire a professional?


As always, I’m happy to help where I can. I have no idea what Transifex is, but I’ll read up & check it out.

Love the new logo :heart_eyes:


Good to see that you have the domain and working on a new website.

I would advise you to have the new website under a subdomain until it’s ready for launching, something like, and have the old Seamly2D Website under the with a redirect from to

Also it would be a good thing to have the following changes (with a redirects):

In the forum, the Blog-Link points toward, but there is already a seamly2D Blog existing :


Yes, the wiki & forum will have new urls, and the old sites will redirect to the new ones. BLog link fixed.