Query: Which app was used to make the figures in the measure chart?



Was a ‘free’ tool used to make the poses on the measurement chart?

I am asking because when I made my own set of croqui poses, it took a long time, and in future it seems reasonable to make use of a free tool to do it. (Possibly based on measuremennt profiles known to Valentina :wink:

It used to be possible to get a ‘paper doll’ to do this on real world paper, but I wasn’t away of a tool that did the same thing in the digital domain…


If you mean the measurement diagrams, I used Inkscape.


Ah OK. I made my own croqui a while back see earlier post or: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Costume_Construction_Kit, which you are more than willing to make use of.

In particular I had some difficulty posing the figures, because Inkscape doesn’t have a ‘skeletal’ hireachy tool like a more specialist poser would… ( I might request an Inkscape plugin for that.).

As you only mention Inkscape, I will assume you have artistic talents, as I wasn’t able to get my corqui looking nearly as nice.


Sorry to jump in, but I was also wondering if it is possible (or a planned feature) to add custom diagrams to go with the custom measurements?



Technically it is possible. But i don’t like the idea. If you really care about diagram right way is to add it into database of known.


And how do I do that? Do I send a suggestion? My guess is you would want some uniformity in the look of the sketches… Also, do I report if I see possible duplication of measurements? I may have seen some… but then, my brain was a little fried at the time and would have to double check. I am trying to get up to speed quickly, although not by getting people to do the work for me (obviously they already have, in a way, a big way…) but if I can get pointed in the right direction with some quick questions…


I think you can use the forum or the Issue Tracker. @slpencer managing measurements. You should contact with her.

We need short name, human readable name, description and a diagram. Usually uniformity is not necessary.

Also this page give some answers.


Thank you, I will do that!


Hi @Peregrin4, Please add an issue "New measurement: Include a measurement description and image and directions for taking the measurements to the issue tracker on bitbucket http://bitbucket.com/valentinateam/valentina/issues If this measurement is used in a patternmaking system or book or other printed info, please cite the reference.