Promo Clip/Intro Video For Seamly2D



I created a sort of promo/intro video clip for seamly2D. Maybe something that could be added to the beginning of Seamly2D related videos! Feedback is appreciated!


I do like it, however, I’m wondering if, instead of flashing lights, it could have something more pattern like? Perhaps flying images of patterns from Seamly2D?


of course! It would be cool to have screen caps of people making their patterns so I can substitute for the video!


I think there are quite a few scattered around the forum in the chats.


Another idea I think would be fantastic would be to extend the clip and showing the pattern made in seamly2D, showing the pattern being printed and cut on fabric, the sewing of the garment, and showing the finished garment to really show and emphasize the relevance of seamly2D in the entire fashion process!


Haha, I think that would be a full length promotional video, but you’re getting to what I have in my mind. I was thinking of the pattern lines and labels flying around in the foreground with a catwalk in the background with models - all darkened out.