Problems with Length of Lines in Variables Table


Hi folks,

since the build of beginning of November I have troubles with variables. I want to make a variable in the variable table with a lenght of a line and some calculating on it.

Whenever I want to take the length of a (definitely existing) line, the next time I open the table the calculation says “0”. Also when I want to use the variable for defining the length o f a new line, the line becomes 0. Sometimes it shows the calculation right when I add a new increment. But that doesn’t last. The variables Table looks like this:

Today a new update came in, so I am working with the build of Nov 14, but this occured since I think the build of first or so of November.

Is it expected behavior to not have access to line lengths in the increments?

Can you upload the .val file and identify which build ver you are using… use Help -> About Valentina to find the build ver.


It is the build of Nov. 14 :slight_smile:


I was told per PN meanwhile that it is Romans fork. But I’ll send the .val to Susan, if I can’t send it to you. Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

edit: I was able to send it to Susan.


You should be able to just attach the file to a post here… just click the upload icon to select a file to attach.


Well, the thing is, too much personal data for my taste Besides, I am still not sure about copyright in Germany, it differs from the one in US.


moniaqua… I took a look at your pattern file and there does seem to be a new issue with the increment formulas… it would do the same thing with a pattern file of mine that works fine in earlier versions of the program. I would bring it to Roman’s attention as it’s appears to be an issue in his recent build(s).


@Douglas thank you :slight_smile: He has attention :wink: I threw the repository out and wait patiently for Seamly… I can work around, so I will survive :slight_smile: