Problems when I click "details"



I am french. So I will try to explain the problem. (version 0-5.0.0 a 20161121220111) When I click to “détails” , it appears the joined message. And after this message, the software jams.

Thank you in advance.



Looks very familiar. I think this is problem with scale factor. Point label is too small and on Windows program can’t show it.


Thank you for your reply but what can I do to resolve this problem, because actualy I can’t use it.

Thank you very much


Can you send me the pattern and measurement file if needed?


@Bojan, i think this bug also related to your code. Can you help me to fix it?

Here is what i see in a debugger:

Variable dArrLen has infinite value.

I will send you files to repeat the bug.


Roman, I am not at home right now, so I can only fix this tomorrow. It’s definitely related to the VGrainlineItem::SetScale method, because this is the only place (besides constructor) where m_dScale is set. Also, I think that the SetScale is only called in one place, so this should be relatively easy to find.

Is this what happens if you switch into Details mode with PATRON COUPE EVASEE pattern file you sent me?



Yes, correct. All you need is to open the file and switch to Details mode.



Tank you to you two. I send you my encouragements to solve the problem.


The problem is that the VToolDetail cannot determine the scale of pattern (look at VToolDetail::paint method, the dScale variable is calculated to be 0 with this pattern, unlike with the others). But even if I put this code there: if (dScale > 0.0) { grainLine->SetScale(100/dScale); } else { grainLine->hide }

nothing will be shown in the Detail mode. It looks to me like something is wrong with pattern or measurement file.


Bonjour, This morning I managed to open “detail mode”. First, I clicked , on “plan de coupe” and then “detail mode”. I do not know what passed ??


Hi @Anita,

@Bojan is right and your file has issue with seam allowance. I need time to fix it.


I have publish a fix.