Problème d'enregistrement / registration issues



Hello, with my new computer, I can’t save my work, it’s writing could not be save “Le processus ne peut pas accéder au fichier car ce fichier est utilisé par un autre processus.”

I had to try to save several time for make it save. I afraid too loose my work.

thank you for your advice


This looks like a system error. The file is locked and in use by another program. You can’t save to it until it is closed in the other program. Do you have the same file open in another instance of Valentina?


Do you have two instances of Valentina open?
Or did this file crash previously when you were working on it?
Look in this file’s directory, is there a locked version of this file? If so, delete it. (don’t delete the original .val file!)

Hope this helps.


DON’T DELETE IT! Just rename it until you figure out what is going on. Simply changing foobar.val to !foobar.val will break any connections without the possibility of losing any information.


I believe Susan was referring to the lock file, not the .val file.


Hi @lilou,

Can you save your file to another name, using File/Save As?

Also, when you open your pattern directory with Windows Explorer, or linux Nautilus, do you see a file named <yourfilename>.val.lock ?


I don’t think so. But I’m registring on dropbox so perhaps…


I can save to another name but there is the same problem. Whatever tonight it seems to work, I don’t know why.


@lilou - I’m so glad your pattern is working! :slight_smile:


oh no ! it do it again… i don’t understand why !!! sometime I can save as with a new name sometime no…

I reinstall the programme this morning…the same problem.

Do you think that it could come from this ?:


What happens when saving to your local harddrive?

What happens when saving to your Dropbox folder?


Check that this box isn’t checkmarked - File/Pattern Properties/Security:


I did, it’s OK I don’t understand, and I’m loosing works.


The error message is that it can’t save your file because it is in use by another process.

“Le processus ne peut pas accéder au fichier car ce fichier est utilisé par un autre processus”

You are using Ubuntu 16.04 which has problems with network access and process handling after hibernation/suspend.

  1. Access to network manager has problems after Ubuntu system hibernates. Suggestion: Change your Valentina directories to your local harddrive, not Dropbox.

  2. The Valentina process doesn’t fully close after Ubuntu system hibernates. Suggestion: Save your Valentina file and close Valentina completely before hibernating your system.

Let us know if either of these two suggestions helps!



Thank you for you help, I’m Using windows. I try to uninstll Valentina but there is still something in “program files” even when i use ridit ( I’m not sure that you understand here…)

So I want to clean up before reinstalling because when I open a knew document it’s on dropbox…


ok, i think that the problem is the dropbox synchronisation of auto save. It need to be synchronised before My own registration. So I change de duration of the auto save. Next step, change the default registration, and find the valentina files on my computer …


I’m glad you have a way to fix it! If it continues to happen, remember there are known bugs with Ubuntu 16.04 and 14.04 suspend processes disrupting network connections. Saving before suspending is always the best option!


Do I understand correctly… you are trying to save directly to Dropbox? If so, can you save locally then copy to Dropbox?


You understand well, and that is the first time that I have this problem. It was easier to work at home. Anyway, I have to change but I have to change the default sving location, and that is my problem and I don’t find the file created by valentina.


Like @Douglas suggeted, save locally first, then drag to Dropbox.

After an Ubuntu laptop ‘wakes up’, the computer state isn’t “clean”. Some programs remain partially suspended,like graphics drivers (so it affects Valentina) and network drivers (so it affects Dropbox access). Even though this is a bug in Ubuntu, not Valentina, I’m so sorry that you lost your file. :(:cry: