Problem with Workpiece tool! Please help!

Hello, I just started learning Seamly2d and I’m having issues with workpiece tool. Somehow I just can’t select the whole bodice pattern, instead of making a curve around the neck or the armhole it draws a straight line. I have also tried holding the shift key button when selecting the curve in order to make it in clockwise direction but it’s not working.

Also when I press enter after selecting the points with the workpiece tool and it opens this section for seam allowance, labels and pins I can’t go on the second tab to add seam allowance on my pattern.

Thank you in advance!


Hi, can you zoom in while selecting the curve? It should become bold, then you can select it. Once you have this window pop up, just click ok on the first tab. Then go to “details”, select the piece you just made and right click, this will lead you to options. That is where you can add seam allowance.

details 8


Thanks a lot for your answer :slight_smile:

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In addition to what @AVI said, I will note that arcs should always have a counter-clockwise rotation, which in the case of the displayed arc means that it is already clockwise in relation to the path around the pattern piece.

Also that you can reverse the direction of a curve in the Options of the Detail in addition to using Shift when selecting it.

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