Problem with inserting pins and line lengths


Hi, I have used Seamly only for few days, but I’m completely in love with it. I have drafted a few patterns and there are few problems that i didn’t find solution to or topic on the forum.

First is that when I’m drafting a pattern I use already existing line lengths that help the pattern drafting rules to work when I enter the new measurements, but when I try to, for example, place a point on a line that is as far away as another line length I can’t find it on the formula box. I can see the line length that I would like to use in variables box, but can’t include it in the formula because I’m unable to select it. I can see only maybe a third of the total line lengths in the box where I should input the formula.

The next problem is that when trying to place pins, it opens a dialogue box and asks me to select “piece”, mut there’s no pieces to select and therefore I’m unable to place a pin. What am I doing wrong?




I’m not entirely sure what your first question is. Do you mean you cannot read your entire formula, because you can only read the top line? The little blue arrow shows you the entire box.

For your second question. You can only insert a pin into a detail. Therefore you must have a detail first. You can use the little black arrow down to see all the details, and select the one you need.


Thanks for your answer!

Here’s a better picture of the first problem. Here you can see only few lines and on the left their length between points. Now, if I want to use the length A2-A3 in a formula, I’m not able to use it because it won’t show on the box on the right but I can still see the length A2-A3 on the variable box.Yes, I can just look up the length and put it there manually, but if I have a pattern where that specific length needs to be linked to some other point the whole pattern doesn’t work anymore when I load new measurements.


This could be because of the time you created the line. For example If I make lines A, B, C and D. And then I go back to line B to change it, I will not be able to use the length from line D, because when I drew line B, line D did not exist yet. So it does not have that information to look back at.

Some more info here:

You might be able to use the history to adjust this (please make sure you save a copy before trying)


With regard to the 1st problem, sometimes you will need to actually draw in a line to get to use the measurement of the line later. If it’s a line that you don’t wish to see, make it a pale yellow or something really light so it’s not in your face all the time.


I read that post and I think that maybe this thing has something to do with the programming. I don’t know anything about that. But here’s the original situation, where it became a bit tricky because of the missing measurements. I’d like to stress that the measurement itself that I need isn’t missing, because it can be found on the list in variables window.

I drafted the basic block for mens trousers (Müller & Sohn) and there is for example a point, where I need to draw a line that is equal in length to another line that has already been drawn.

In this picture you can see the pattern. Now, I need a line to the right from point A28 that is the same length as A28-A33. So, first I tried to search direct measurement of A28-A33 when inputting a formula for the line A28-A35.

When inputting formula, you can’t even find the point A28 on the list. But I can see the length between points A28-A33 directly when I look at the variable window at the same time. The measurement is there and the program measures it, but why it’s not usable on that other box on the right is confusing.

I managed to overcome this problem by using lengths between other points that can be found on the box when inputting a formula. But the formula is long, instead just typing the relation between A28 and A33. The measure is not missing, but you are just unable to use it straight.



Yes, I understand what you are saying, and to give a proper reply, I need to see exactly how A28 was created. I will need to test whether it will do the same on various systems to see if it only does it on a certain type of computer.

I have only come across this when I have placed a point using tools like the “Point at Intersection of Line and Arc” (for example), where the point of origin is somewhere else and not on the line of measurement which I require. In this case, I simply use the “Line Between Points” tool to draw a line from the one point to the other. I make the line dotted and yellow so that it isn’t very visible. Zoomed in: image “Normal” view: image

And here you can see that when I try to make a line using this line in the formula, it is now available to use:

I hope this helps.


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You can also set the LineType to “none” OR put the line in a group and make it invisible when you don’t want to see it.