Problem when selecting a (clockwise) curve

Now, my blocks are finished, it’s time to go to “isolation”. I selected my points for the back block and all went well. Now I want to select elements to build the front block and that’s what I get. I can’t understand what’s wrong. Any hint would be greatly appreciated… First my curve selected to show its direction


It begins at A16 and goes to A11. I then choose the workpiece tool and select A16, then the curve A16-A11, then A11 (till then it’s ok), next I select E and that’s what I get… image What did I do that I should’t have done or what should I do ?

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Just keep going! :fish: :slight_smile:

Since Seamly2D always ends with a straight line to the start-point, & a figure 8 is not something which works as a Euclidean plane, the display highlights the one little section which both includes the start-point & doesn’t become non-Euclidean. If you hold a straight-edge between A16 & E, you should be able to see this. One or two points further should have it looking properly Euclidean again. Sometimes I choose my start-point so that I do not have to remind myself that it’s okay for it to look wrong for a bit.

If it’s still wonky at the end, then there might be a problem. :unicorn:

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Thanks, it’s very disturbing but in fact, I did what you told and all went well. My pattern’s finished. I can’t wait to test it. I have my mother’s old statch to make a muslim. I know it’s a very simple pattern but I’ll be happy if all goes well nevertheless. I prefer starting with little things to gain confidence and learn using Seamly2D :wink: I’m sorry to have wasted your time with my fears


It’s no waste! I’m thrilled to be able to help! Plus, I get a nerdy delight out of trying to explain weird patterns that I’ve discovered.

Honestly, I ought to ask such questions more frequently myself. So, keep bringing them! :slight_smile:



Hi @Vice-Versa, your questions are why this forum is here!!! We live to serve (and make patterns :innocent:)