Printing tiled PDF onto A3 sized paper

Hello, I’ve been printing out my patterns using my A4 printer at home but I have access to an A3 printer at work.

Is there any way I can create a tiled PDF with A3 paper size? When I look at the Page Setup window in the Preview tiled PDF window the largest paper size I can choose is A4.

Thanks very much.

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No, you cannot. The paper format is hardcoded to A4 in case of tiled PDF. There is issue #657 Improve feature: Allow more paper formats for printing tiled PDF. @ronanletiec volunteered, but looks like he pretty busy.:frowning_face:

No worries, thanks very much for letting me know! H

FWIW, here are some instructions I came across for tiling large SVG files in Inkscape. (I haven’t tried them.)

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I’ve been pretty busy latetly, sorry for the late reply!

I see @KeithFromCanada found a solution in the meantime to this issue, that’s great.

I’ve been working a bit on this issue to be able to select other formats than A4 for tiles. I should have more time in September and hope to go on working on this issue then!


I have created a tutorial for how to print on larger paper sizes.

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