Printing pattern on A4 paper

Trying to print my pattern and want to print on A4 paper, it come up with ‘several workpieces left not arranged, but none of them match for paper’ it’ll let me do a print preview of an A0 but is there a way it can split the pattern so I can print on A4 size paper?

so just reading the manual on here UserManual:Creating Layouts - Seamly2D so I need to select A0 anyway even though im using A4 paper? sorry just a little confused is all

You are using A4 paper for printing. Before printing you are creating a layout. For this you need space for all details. We use layouts not only for printing, but also for export as an image.

@Kparker94 You can use the tile print function to print your pattern on A4 paper.

Create your layout on the size paper that fits your pattern pieces the best. This could be A0 or any of the other formats,

Then click on File - Layout - Preview tiled PDF.

In that window you can see your layout tiled in A4 and you can print from there.


omg thank you so much!

I was previously working on a mac, no problem with exporting as tiles pdf there.

i’m wanting to do the same on a windows system, but am unable to find the option as the interface is different has someone else faced similar problem?

Try doing the same with A0 paper.

@Grace, A0 gives me the pattern placement, but this still doesn’t help me generate a printable tiled A4 pdf

I have no additional options to export or convert as a tiled A4 pdf

if i try to print it is shrinks the full image onto 1 A4 sheet.

so far i have tried looking around for options i thought could help but haven’t found a solution.

Sorry, @Karu. I see you are using Valentina and I don’t know this version - I only use Seamly2D, things seem to have changed since I last used it and I can’t see what your options are on the left side of the screen. Perhaps if you press Alt and F together, you’ll be able to scroll down to the Layout options.

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thanks @Grace. yes, i was using an older version of valentina. It does work with the latest Seamly2d, so i can make it work now.