Printing description

Does this description help with understanding the printing flow?

Printing is on the File menu because no further design decisions are required after the layout is created, only printer decisions. And it is recommended that you save the layout before you print it, and Save is in the File menu. So overall, this is where printing should be located.

But to describe it a different way, Printing can be seen as a 2 step process:

1. Create the layout.
The user selects the size of the image(s) based on paper sizes to ensure compatability with a user’s printer. The largest pattern piece must be smaller than the paper size selected. If the user will print a tiled PDF, the paper size should be a multiple of the user’s printer’s paper width for efficient arrangement, and the option to join sheets should be checked. The user can select rolled paper for printing on a plotter – rolled paper can also be selected for printing a tiled PDF. The program arranges the pattern pieces within the border defined by paper selection and options. The user can continue to create layouts for a pattern until a layout is created that will work with the user’s printer, or otherwise meets the user’s needs.

2. Print the layout. It is recommended to save the layout before printing. The user selects FILE/LAYOUT/PRINT. For a single large image, you can Print, Preview, and Export (save) as SVG/PNG/JPG/ES/PS/HPGL/etc. For a tiled image, you can Print tiled PDF, Preview tiled PDF, and Save as tiled PDF. When a layout is printed, the printer will print as many pages as there are sheets in the layout image. If the sheets in the layout are larger than the printer paper then the image on each page will be trimmed.

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It would be good on the UI if there was a button that launched the print menu from the layout box, as doing tasks such as selecting paper size etc on the layout usually goes hand in hand with printing, so by the time the user gets to the stage of the layout then I would assume they would just be looking to print as the design stage has finished. Layout doesn’t really matter until it comes to printing or saving to a pdf so it would be great if these two processes were merged.

As an easy update to make the printing process a little more intuitive I would change the title ‘Layout’ on the drop down file menu to read ‘Print’ instead, as the printing menu is usually under File in most applications so it would make it easier to locate for someone who is not used to the software.

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Do you know how to make a pull request?

Im not 100% sure, but i’ll take a look :).

This is very helpful to me in understanding the printing flow. I still have problems in printing a correctly printing a tiled image. is it possible for someone to check the center back measurement (ignoring seam allowance) on the attached layout and tell me what absolute size it is? (pattern piece 2, letter B)mccunn_women_bodice_sloper-test-0.pdf (270.5 KB)

@kmf You’ll have to export the pattern as a non-tiled PDF. Then someone can open it in Inkscape, draw a line on top of the center back measurement, and use the Extensions/VisualizePath/MeasurePath extension to measure the line.

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thank you @slpencer . I can actually do that myself. I have inkscape.

Since all I have is are printers that handle letter (A4) or legal size paper, I need to get a correctly sized copy to check my work.

I am sure the scale is right inside valentina and it prints ok if I preview tiled then print FROM VALENTINA. Where I keep getting hung up is that I can’t seem to save a tiled PDF and get it to print to scale. I am trying to track down exactly what I am doing wrong. I took the advice to “ignore fields” so that (hopefully) valentina would save the tiled image so that the pdf file is scaled correctly. What I am trying to track down right now is whether there is still something that I am doing wrong in “create a layout” or whether there is something I am doing wrong when I print the pdf.

It is going to be really cumbersome if I have to print every pattern tiled directly from Valentina because there is no indication on the pages what order they belong. My pitiful home setup includes a printer in my office that tends to allow pages from large print jobs to get shuffled unless I watch every page be printed. I will babysit the printer if I must, but it is so much easier to have a saved tiled pdf file that I can bring up and just print the specific pages that I need.

I will keep plugging away on this until I figure out what I am doing wrong. I have several options for printing pdf and I have not yet explored saving a layout as A0 in the pdf and letting some other program do all of the tiling.

@kmf, check that this item is selected and that your paper is set to A4 an use A4 paper:

@Grace Thank you so much for your help. Yes, I had checked actual size and indicated the correct paper size. It is a bit cumbersome because I have only the small printer but I have figured out how to make it work. I always have the option of using an office printing service to get bigger paper or finding a way to get a large printer or plotter myself.

I am about to be immersed in yet another theatrical production so I will be absent from the forum indefinitely. I have started a tutorial on the McCunn basic sleeve and if I am ever able to upload it I will be sure to tag you so that you are able to see it.

best wishes Kim

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Also, remember that A4 is slightly different than Letter. I select Letter. A4 is used in Europe. Chances are good that you do not have A4 paper, you probably have “Letter” (8.5inx11in), so you should select “Letter” paper size.


A4 Dimensions 21 cm 29.7 cm Letter Dimensions 21.6 cm 28 cm

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