Point on a curve

image Hi! Im trying to create a point on a circle. But how can you tell the length of the line? I can only edit the angle of the line, not the lenght. The length needs to be eg 4 cm and need to hit the curved line. thank you

You could perhaps draw an arc with your point A32 as center and the radius value of 4 cm. You have I think a tool in the “arcs” section to choose the intersection of two arcs.


@esthervt Yes, this is exactly how to work it.

In the “Arc” tools there is the “Point of intersection arcs” tool, (second down on the right side.) If there are multiple intersections of the same arcs, you will have the option to choose which to use.

Slightly more powerful, under the “Curve” tools on the bottom left, is the “Point intersection curves” tool which does the same thing but with any type of curve. Again, you can choose which of the intersections to point.

To complete the picture, if you ever want to place a point a certain distance from Point C along Line AB, you can use the “Point” tool “Point at intersection of arc and line”. Or you could use trigonometry, which I have done, but I don’t recommend it.


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