Please explain - irritated about official state - what's going on here?


Sorry for sounding a bit rude, possibly, but I am totally irritated! I was going to check out the latest dev source, as I usually do to compile a fresh build, but… there seems to be activity back on Bitbucket from a user “Roman Telezhynskyi”, but didn’t he leave the project? And nothing corresponding on the vpo2 page on Github… Also, the wiki seems to be non-functional at the moment, at least I get a messed up page, etc.

What’s going on here? What is the correct, official state regarding Valentina or LibreFashion or whatever, who is the maintainer (is Roman back, perhaps), which source repo is THE one (Github, Bitbucket,)…?

Greetz Holger

So, to answer a bit of my questions myself, there must be some kind of dispute between @slspencer and Roman. As I looked into the commit comments on Bitbucket, Roman “forked” its own development as independent new.

@slspencer, you should have clearly stated that “this” Valentina/LibreFashion here will be a new fork from the “original” one, imho!

Susan, and the source repo is on Github. And if you’re wondering why things like wiki are in disarray, It’s because Roman (Dismine) deleted everything and everything has to be reconstructed… along with changing the name to avoid confusion with Valentina. I think once everything is back up and running you will find the project will progress much faster as others will be able to contribute - it won’t be Roman’s way or the highway.


Hi @pandel, I really don’t want to keep talking about this, there’s plenty of information on this forum. However, you seem to be somewhat upset, so here is a summary:

After long arguments with several users about minor name changes, and with me about letting ASSIMP programmers develop the 3D export feature, Roman announced that he was leaving the project, and he made a fork of the original repo.

Several days after Roman had made his fork, I merged a pull request from @yannlossouarn for a minor change that Roman had strongly disagreed with. Within 15 minutes of the merge Roman deleted the original repo. He still had admin rights to the repo, so he was able to delete the entire account – I didn’t think he would be a problem, and wanted to leave the door open for him to come back. He also kicked me off of my personal account where the old website and wiki were stored.

Atlassian helped us get the code back.They didn’t have to do this, they normally don’t get involved, but they were a bit shocked at what had happened and were happy to help. Atlassian couldn’t restore my account :disappointed:

So to sum up, Roman did not want additional programmers (like the ASSIMP developer who wanted to program the 3D export feature) and did not like suggestions from users (like the changes Yann wanted), so he left. Plus I finally was able to get Roman to accept paid work from someone who wanted changes to the project. I think this was the spark that made Roman want to leave on his own.

To be clear, the users didn’t run him off and I’ve had no real issue with him other than trying to get him to let other people contribute code – I thought we were good friends. Even though technically we are able to keep the name, I offered to let Roman take the name with him because Valentina is his mother’s name. I believe this is the right thing to do.

I hope this addressed your concerns, because your contributions to this project are appreciated.


About the code:
We’re currently trying to pull out the hard-coded hooks in the build for Bitbucket and Mercurial. If we were starting from scratch, the build pipeline would already be done. Sorry for the delay. If you’d like to take a look at it, and work with @schwowsers on this, we would all appreciate it.

@slspencer Dear Susan, many thanks for the detailed explanation!

That makes it much more transparent, I do understand now, what happened. I wasn’t really upset but I could not follow the road the whole thing took, surely because I did not read everything here over the last few months. As you might have noticed, I did not have much to contribute in the meantime so I was just using the software as is, but now, when I started to find my way through the news my misunderstanding began :smiley:… Sadly, I did not have much spare time to get into pattern creation, generally.

It is very sad that you couldn’t find a way through all this together. Even if Roman might have been somewhat particular about Valentina’s roadmap, he is and was the main (and for most time the only real) developer and as such he has some kind of blocking minority when it comes to further development steps at least in my opinion. I really do understand, that this may not speed things up in contrast to a community where every contributer’s idea is welcome and taken into account, but on the other hand, it gives structure to an unstructured crowd - both ways of thinking have their right to exist and I can’t really decide, which way might have been better in this case. It shouldn’t have ended with drastic things like deleting code, users and stuff but ok, things are as they now.

For me, I am curious about which way both forks will take :wink:


Sadly, we weren’t given a choice, there was no opportunity to work through it or find solutions. Just goodbye, then destruction.