Placement for the cutting plane



Is it possible to place the boss parts in the cutting plane? Because with automatic placement it loses a lot of space at times.


Hi @laucaly,

At the moment the layouts are created with a “good enough” solution.

This problem is known as The Knapsack Problem. It is an “NP-hard” problem, which means “there is no known polynomial algorithm which can tell, given a solution, whether it is optimal”.

The current implementation is an approximation of getting all the pieces on the paper size selected. It is not focused on optimization of paper usage. We have plans to incorporate a solution in the future, one that has an option to take the grainline as input into the placement, and optimizes paper/fabric usage.

For now, if you would like to manually improve the layout, you should create the layout for the paper size you need. Then select File/Layout/Export As, and select SVG. Open this SVG file in Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator and improve the arrangement.


Hello, we’re actually printing the pattern on a thin paper, as in industry, to cut the pieces directly through the printing board but it’s really annoying we can’t unselect the use of this algorithm, or at least the use of the rotation because as all the pieces has to be placed following the grainline we have to rotate back (which sometimes take some time) them in Illustrator. If there was a way to get a raw svg of the drawing (no rotation or nothing) it could improve the industry side use of the software… Thanks for all your work !!!


You are talking about issue #660. And there is very good chance that this issue will be implemented very soon.