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Hi, I’m really enjoying Valentina so far. I’ve already watched a few tutorial videos and I have drafted a bodice block. However, I can’t get the piece path tool to work. When I click on the first point the dialog box does not appear like it does in the tutorial videos, so I have tried clicking on all the points to outline the pattern piece and then press enter. A dialogue box does then appear but I get a warning message to say “list of details is empty!” yet all the points I have selected (A1, A2 etc. are shown in the box. I’ve tried clicking on the details mode tab but I get the message “You can’t now use the Details mode, Please, create at least one workpiece”.

Help! Where I am I going wrong? I’m using Windows 10 and I’ve tried versions 5 and 6 of Valentina.


The Piece path tool is internal path. It should be added to detail. Because you did not create any you see the message “list of details is empty!”. Create at least one and will be able to add internal path.

In Draw Mode, use the Seam Allowance Tool to create the outline of your detail piece. Choose objects (points, curves, arcs, ) in clockwise fashion. Reverse the direction of curves which are anti-clockwise by holding down SHIFT. Don’t select the first object again as the last object.

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This brings me back to thinking maybe renaming that to “workpiece/s” might be a good idea.

Thanks so much everyone, I’ve worked it out now due to your help.

I was going wrong because I thought the piece path tool was to outline the pattern piece from my drawing and the seam allowance tool was to add the seam allowance after creating a pattern piece. I didn’t realise the piece path tool was for internal paths only.

I think I’m used to creating patterns without seam allowances because I use thread tracing to mark out stitch lines and then I cut the seam allowances by eye, therefore I’m used to thinking of seam allowances as an optional extra rather than an integral part of a pattern.

Thanks again

I added two issues to rename these tools in the Details group: Improve feature: Rename “Piece Path” to “Internal Path” tool Improve feature: Rename “Seam Allowance” tool to “Workpiece” tool

Hopefully this will help to resolve confusion regarding the function of these two tools.

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Thank you, that makes more sense to me. I couldn’t understand why I was outlining a drawing with a seam allowance, especially as in the pop-up box (dialogue box? - I’m not very good with computer terms) the outline I had created with the seam allowance tool was called the Main path. It was the term ‘Main path’ that confused me the most because it made sense to me that I would be creating a Main path with a path tool.

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