Patterns from the Croonborg Red Book

This is the Proportionate Vest pattern taken from the New Supreme System for production of Mens Garments (AKA the Red Book) by Fredrick Croonborg. The book is available to download at This pattern was made with test build Valentina The Tape is measurements of a Wolf mens 38. The pattern makes use of:

  • Groups to hide or show objects
  • Labels & grain lines and pins to locate them
  • Variable seam allowances
  • Passmarks (AKA notches)
  • Internal paths to locate pockets, darts & button holes

Notes: The Supreme system relied on using an assumed 4" drop (the waist is 4 less than the chest.) Consequently if measurements applied exceed the more modern drop of 6", the front of the vest and facing start to distort. In a case such as this it’s best to add to the waist measurement, then suppress more of the waist with the darts.

RB_Proportionate Vest.val (61.4 KB) Wolf_38.vit (4.2 KB)



Wow! this is really nice and neat and really, really cool :). Thank you. Would you consider writing a step-by-step tutorial for the wiki? You could start a section on “Croonborg Red Book” methods that would really help “us who are noobies” to understand patternmaking.

Hi Grace… Thank you… I think this was about the 5th or 6th rev of the vest pattern. It’s been my test bed for figuring Valentina out. :slight_smile:

I’ll be more than happy to contribute to the wiki. I have a custom job coming up for a period frock coat, and if I have the time to put it in Valentina (it’s still quicker for me to grade a single pattern on paper vs putting it in Val) it might make a good piece for the blog.

I also do video work on the side, so I might make some video tutorials too.