Patterns for Leather Armor


I was curious if anyone has used this software to create patterns for leather working. I hope to use this software to helm me pattern leather armor for armored combat. Thanks.


I’ve used it to create patterns for clothing, sportswear, underwear, slippers, quilting and soft toys. Some people are using it to create patterns for latex clothing and cosplay costumes. I really don’t see why leather should be a problem.


It really depends on your skill and what starting data you have. I, who knows 0 about making armor, would start with simple paper models if I had to do something like that. Maybe you can work from 3d model - then Pepakura is your friend. Seamly is just a more efficient analogue of pencil and ruler, there is nothing you can do in the program that’s impossible to just draw on paper with some tools. Of course, with Seamly it’s faster, more precise and editable - if you know what you are doing - but you have to know how to transform body measurements and your ideas into pattern shapes


Aaahhh, well put, @Krolich. I was trying to find the correct wording to explain exactly that :slight_smile: