Pattern Visibility


#1 which was developed by Jason @MrDoo is a tool that bears looking at. This was initially presented as a tool for uploading and sharing patterns. It is that but I believe it has more usefulness than just a repository. I have been poking around the GUI and found that it has some very useful features to look at a pattern to analyze how it was made.

NOTE: everybody on this forum is automatically added as a user to the group Valentina Forum Users on the site, so you can all go look at the patterns there. I discovered this particular way of looking at a formula inside the pattern. Maybe once we get the GUI documented a bit more this program can be appreciated for the workhorse it appears to be.

Welcome screen

@slspencer you might want to take a look with respect to using the pattern cloud as a pattern examination tool. Just a random thought


i never found a way to download your patterns (7 shared patterns) its not usable thing and i mailed u bout that and u sent me a help that not containing download information just a site for upload


I ran into the same thing. You need to

  1. Click on the β€˜Sharing’ tab.
  2. Click on the β€˜patterns’ link under β€˜My Groups’/’Shared’.
  3. Click on the pin icon for any patterns you want to use.
  4. Click β€˜Close’. (The patterns you chose will now show up on the page under β€˜Pinned patterns’.)
  5. Click on the β€˜Individuals’ tab.
  6. Click on β€˜Create Individual’ or β€˜Upload Individual’ button to create a β€˜client’. When done, click β€˜Okay’ to save the new client.
  7. Click on the (+) icon in the β€˜Latest pattern customizations’ column.
  8. Pick a pattern and a version, then click β€˜Okay’. (You might need to edit the measurements for patterns made by others who might have used custom measurements.)
  9. Click on the new pattern in the β€˜Latest pattern customizations’ column and select β€˜Export’.
  10. Click on β€˜Download’ for the measurements/pattern.
  11. PROFIT!!!

Hope this helps!


but we cant do this 11 step instructions :sunglasses:


Following a recent update your can now use the … menu on a pinned pattern to customise it (for your own measuments) and then from the … menu to export it.

If the pattern has been shared with measurements (only possible since the latest release - see the low waist skirt block example) then the … menu allows export immediately without customisation.

So the number is steps is reduced, all on the β€˜sharing’ tab:

  • Pin the pattern
  • Customise it if custom measurements required
  • Export it.

A fully understand that the main flows through the site need further iterations of improvements. Any suggestions welcome. My initial focus was on the technical detail of parsing the pattern and measurement files and ensuring I could write them perfectly and on the data model.



One minor clarification from above is that all registrants of the site get added to the β€˜Valentina forum’ group automatically. However you have to register separately for the forum and pattern share sites. I am happy to merge the registration process if anyone knows how to do this from the forum aspect, and if the forum owners want this.