Pattern tweak help needed


yeah that makes sense cause one thing i have noticed is they seem to be a bit too tight in the leg and I can’t quite haul them up snug to my crotch. Thanks I will give it a go.


These pants have negative ease. Not sure how tight they should be.
So use 0.97xhip_arc_b/2 and 0.97xhip_arc_f/2 to give a 3% compression.
If that’s not enough, go for 5%!
Latex or rubber doesn’t have much give, so a 5% compression may be too much, too little, or it might be perfect. You’lll only know through trial and error.


It took a while to find a really obvious example of why simply dividing a circumference in half or quarters usually isn’t a good idea, but this demonstrates it perfectly. (Notice the difference in front/back offset of the waist in the third view.)

If the front and back arcs don’t start and end at the side seam (and therefore usually can’t be equal) the seam will be crooked and throw everything else off.