Pattern showing error after using the union tool



My file closed after using the union tool and is showing an error when I try to open it. Is this fixable there is hours of work here that I don’t want to lose.


Please, send me the pattern with measurements privately and i will help fix it.

Should be easy fixable.

Also it will be good to know your steps. How exactly did you use the Union tool?


I have the same problem.What can I do?


Hi, @Scholli

Which version of Seamly2D are you working on? This was a problem that we had a number of months ago so perhaps if you upgrade to the latest version, you won’t have this problem.


He @Grace it is Seamly2d



I removed the program and reloaded it. the version is 06.01. It shows the same error :frowning:


I’m on V06.00 still. The only other thing that I can try is, if you send me the files, I can test them on mine and if the union tool works, it may be a problem with V06.01 and I can create an issue. If it doesn’t work, I can see if I can find something wrong with the pattern.


@Scholli and @Grace, I was working with @dismine in July and I believe that he found and fixed the error that he had identified AT THAT TIME. { see Bug hunting. Let's fix tool Union Details ]. The fix made it into the software before the Seamly fork, as evidenced by the fact that the test file and the procedure that demonstrated that particular problem now shows the problem is fixed.

I tested this and I have just verified that that particular problem has been fixed, both in the latest valentina build and the latest Seamly build both running on the windows 10 operating system. It may be possible that you have found a different problem.

If you can upload a .val and ,vit file that demonstrate the problem, I will be happy to help identify and isolate what is happening. Please note that with the original problem, I could cause it to fail every time but that once valentina saved the pattern file ONCE, it would no longer fail.


jujoca.val (21,9 KB) @kmf I uploaded the file to you. I have created a new file. Since I have only been working with Valentina for a short time, after having worked my hands manually for 20 years. The think of Valentina is then quite different :frowning:


@Scholli can you please upload the measurement file (*.vit) for this pattern. I need that file also to try to open your pattern


Größentabelle der deutschen Damen-Konfektionsgrößen.vst (2,9 KB) Hey, attached the measure table :slight_smile: I’m totally curious what happened there


@kmfGrößentabelle der deutschen Damen-Konfektionsgrößen.vst (2,9 KB) Hey, attached the measure table :slight_smile: I’m totally curious what happened there.


i will try to open the files and see if I am able to duplicate a problem


@Scholli this is absolutely a different problem than the one we found back in July 2017. I believe that I have created a copy of your pattern that you can use again. Please save the original and make a copy. Make any changes you may want to do starting with the copy. jujoca-walk-back-1.val (18.4 KB)

Here is the file with the union that I believe you were attempting. jujoca-walk-back-joined.val (21.8 KB)


If you encounter a problem again, could you please record all of the steps that you do starting with the “walk back” file until the error occurs? This will help find the problem.


yes, I will do that