Pattern Piece Data & Seam Allowances




I have two questions about the process for creating pattern piece details. I am using the latest test version for mac.

  1. In the seam allowance tool popup window, there is a tab for Pattern piece data. I am assuming that this is meant to appear on the pattern pieces when printed? For example Cut 1 on Fabric. Under the checkboxes “Detail label visible” and “Pattern label visible” I checked them both, but nothing appears in the Layout view nor do they print. Am I missing a step?

  2. Seam allowances - I notice that you can only either switch on or off the seam allowance for each detail pattern piece created. However, when sewing, there are certain edges that do not need seam allowances, such as edges that will be bound with bias binding. I know that there is an option to leave the path open so that the seam allowance will not appear on the fold. But that only allows for seam allowance to be 0 between the first and last point of the path. Is it possible to switch off seam allowances for certain lines/curves?

Thank you!


I can’t reproduce this. One question. Did you click on button Add? The label should be in the list to be visible.

Yes, you are right. See issue #535. New Feature: Two Fold Lines. This issue will be fixed very soon. It is part of detail tool redesign.


popup box. I clicked on Add and it shows in the box on the right. I’m labelling the collar piece here.

This is the layout. No markings on the pattern piece. Is there another setting maybe under print options that I missed out?


Thank you for posting the screenshots. I also have this issue on Mac. I will look into it.


The yellow label with October 2016 visible in your screenshot is the pattern label (which you can edit from Pattern piece > Pattern properties while in the Draw or Details tool). If you click and drag to reposition it, the detail label will be revealed. Once repositioned, they will both appear in the layout. At least that is what I have experienced. Let me know if it works for you.


Yes! Thank you @rsskga, I didn’t think of dragging that. I found the pattern label right underneath! :smile:


K, this sorts out the labels, but I still can’t figure out how to add markings though, like lines denoting centre marking, notches for matching sleeves, etc. I can’t add them in pattern detail because lines will not be generated (must be 3 points forming a shape). How do I add markings?


Currently the only markings available with the latest dev version are labels and grain line. The rest is coming someday.


I see… thanks for your reply @stinde, hope that day will happen soon! I probably have to export it to illustrator to add on the lines.


Development for the feature to add internal objects (lines, curves, etc) began a few days ago! It may be available for testing in early December.


Hi @wanderlust, wouldn’t something like this help you for the notches in the meantime?


This is the whole point for issue #88 This issue is marked as resolved, but the users have tested it yet. This code is in the latest test build.


Is it possible to switch off seam allowances for certain lines/curves?

This is not my words.


The Circle Skirt has these seam allowance widths: 0.5cm for waist 1cm for side #1 0cm for hem curve 0cm for side #2

This feature appears to function properly to allow “switching off seam allowances for certain lines/curves.”