Pattern & Measurement file name extentions


Has anyone thought of how messy it’s going to get with two diverging projects producing incompatible .val & .vit extentions? I just ran into trying to open to no avail a pattern created with Dismine’s latest build with the latest test build from the VPO site as well as my own build from the Github code.


We should probably have new extensions when we have decided on a new project name.


is anyone willing and able to tackle a specification of the file formats ? that way it would be possible to document the differences as they start to emerge. @MrDoo? the parser on will probably deal with these differences at some point and possibly changing file names would be a good start. think about libreoffice, microsoft 2003, and microsoft 2007 as an example.

  1. I want to start work on a spec in a few days in Google Docs. (So we can collaborate; I’ll need the emails of anyone who wants to work on it.) I need to do some more research on ‘spec best practices’.
  2. As we don’t need to restrict ourselves to three characters, what about ‘.ptrn’ & ‘.meas’ for file extensions?
  3. We also need to find out the file differences between the two branches. It makes sense to have an ‘Import...’ option in each app to work with the other branch.


if you have not, you might want to take a quick read of

and even PDF - Wikipedia.

the first two for examples of a specification and the wikipedia entry as a history lesson and with the hope that we will collectively not overthink, overcomplicate, or overspecify the xml statements used in vit, val and any future derivitive files.


Geart idea. Could you use the wiki page so that everyone can contribute, and there are backups (presumably), etc? Situations like this is why we have a wiki.

Also, it helps to remember that this is not the first open source project which has forked. And definitely this is not the messiest breakup either. So its all good. Changes are needed and they won’t happen immediately, they’ll typically sort themselves out in order of importance. So first order is creating new builds for Ubuntu (as typically that’s the easiest build).


I created new wiki pages at

to make it easier to collaborate using the wiki as @slspencer suggested.

I also created a new forum topic at

for this discussion