Pattern Library?


what version of valentina is that??


The one in my head. :wink:


Yes this is it! It’s where we were trying to go with: New feature: Pattern Share · Issue #122 · valentina-project/vpo2 · GitHub and New feature: Library of patterns · Issue #75 · valentina-project/vpo2 · GitHub

A lot of the discussion for these issues is in email, so the issues themselves are not very descriptive. @KeithFromCanada can you fill in details in the issues?


It really isn’t something that we would want to start from scratch with. Honestly, I would just use the code from LibreOffice (Ninite Installer), which works so well to access remote files, and convince anyone who wants to host a pattern cloud service to use CMIS. (Demo). Why re-invent the wheel?

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Good suggestion for how to implementation of these issues. But I think there are other issues about posting to a pattern share - users don’t post their files to the share as retrievable storage. Each pattern file will need additional info and files to accompany the pattern file (image, instructions, description), so a more extensive and specific upload dialog will be needed.


Added Issue #768.


I think the analogies in the video and audio world are share sites like Youtube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, etc… where many of the software programs have a built in way of uploading projects to one of the above mentioned sites. They’re not designed for uploading to one’s Dropbox or GoogleDrive. For ex: maybe that youtube video also needs the closed captioned file uploaded with it? Inother words - I agree - it may not be just a matter of Open and Save as… to a remote site.


Perhaps a change in mindset is in order here; instead of thinking in terms of separate patterns and measurements, how about ‘projects’, which have measurements, patterns, videos, pdf tutorials, etc. as components. The base .lfp (LibreFashion Project) file would just be a gzip that contains all of the other files. As new options are added to LF -like being able to watch videos in a popup- the project file format doesn’t need to change, as it is just a container.


@KeithFromCanada -

The pattern share has a lot of additional requirements so is a separate issue than saving to cloud storage.

‘Project’ and .lpf are very good suggestions.

From the beginning, the pattern share has been described as an open source pattern catalog, where each pattern can be accompanied by instructions, drawings or photos, description, required notions, search tags, etc. As much or as little information can be provided with each pattern as the user wants.


That’s what I would have done from the start… I work with audio and video formats all the time and It’s all about packing various data streams into a container type to deliver the data… then unpacking at the other end. There’s no reason not to define a container type to hold pattern files, measurement files, photos, instructions, etc.


Here are comments from the initial discussion of creating a locally-stored visual-based Pattern Library, Issue #75. This is the first step (we thought) before creating the web-stored visual-based Pattern Share Issue #122

“Libray of patterns requires additional descriptor and category tags in pattern files. These tags would be used for search and browse functions in the application. Include pictures, text, photos (3 - front, back, side) Search text name and descriptors Browse categories of patterns Parse collection to create index like music player Create special file to show in “pattern player” Create single .zip file per pattern which contains all files for pattern”


You forgot ‘3D model morphed to match measurements’. :wink:


3D measurement/character is a separate suite of issues, development of these is independent of the pattern library & pattern share:

New feature: 3D Measurements · Issue #475 · valentina-project/vpo2 · GitHub
New feature: 3D Import Body scan · Issue #228 · valentina-project/vpo2 · GitHub
New feature: 3D Character · Issue #226 · valentina-project/vpo2 · GitHub