Pattern Grading with less steps


Hello, I am trying to familiarize myself with this program and have a question about grading. Is there a way to apply a “grading table” of individual sizes/measurments/increments to grade a given pattern (in a particular size) into those corresponding sizes (or increments)? Example: I want to design a pair of jeans in a size 33, and easily convert this into a size 30-40 all in one (or several) steps without having to apply an individual measurement for each size. Is there a way to create and apply a table/spreadsheet with the correct increments to streamline grading up and down?


Hi, do you know about standard measurements?

But i predict that you will not be satisfied with current implementation. It has some restrictions. I made a research and have plan how to improve it. But don’t have time for this (began, but did not finish). The detail redesign is more important now. Watch issue #425.

So, all you can do now is to try to use standard table or several individual.


I have looked into that briefly, although I have not actually put it to work. I am sure you understand, but it would be cool to just click the points of a pattern that will expand or decrease when grading, and then apply a group of increments for the individual sizes and Valentina would create those individual pattern pieces (with markings, notes and even seam allowances). I understand it is a pretty big request. But someday it would be cool to see this available. Keep up the good work.


As i understand you are talking about absolutely different way of grading Valentina will not support. We move point by setting a formula. For some people this is absolutely different way of thinking. And i can’t do anything about it. Probably some one else will make solution for this. Or actually such solutions already exist. I meet several.

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