Pattern grading in layout

I only recently figured out the multisizing feature in seamly2D and I love it! However, I find it sad that I cannot print all sizes in one PDF document, as you can find in most industrial sewing patterns. I think adding this feature would really step up your game :slight_smile: for now, I will have to go back to inkscape and draw all sizes individually… But I’m keeping an eye out for any updates you post!


Hi @Julia2! Welcome to the Seamly community!

Although we don’t yet have a nesting feature like that, it is possible to export to an Inkscape readable format, so all you have to do with Inkscape is stack them elegantly. (Okay, maybe not quite that simple, you’ll have to copy the vectors from disparate files into one.) Which should be bit easier than re-drafting half a dozen times.



Correctly noted… this a “nesting” feature… not a grading “feature”.

Off the top of my head… this would again probably best be done as a separate module, vs trying to cram it into say the current piece mode scene. Boiled down it would basically be running through a list of sizes for pattern and rendering them to a scene for output of sorts. Probably also would want either a new nest file type, or adding a < nest > section in the (.val) pattern file. Which reminds me, we need to maybe address at some point soon a change in the .val, .vit, and .vst file extensions to reflect Seamly and not Valentina.


Hi Julia. Yes… this request for a nesting feature has been brought up before. It certainly is on my list of things to do. In the short term I’m looking at addressing more basic needs the program needs, so I hazard to make any guess when a nesting feature could be implemented.


Alright, thanks for the info!

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