Passmark on the seam line



Hello everyone. Instead of creating a new topic I decided to make my request here, about the possibility to have passmarks with or without seam allowance, in the same piece. This because some patternmaking system lead you to draw pieces in which you have standard 1 cm seam allowance in some parts, and 0 in others. As you can see in this pic, i have to put passmarks on armhole with internal path tool, because I cant with normal passmarks

Passmarks don't work if no seam allowance

Thank you @luca_lavore for identifying this problem. To summarize this problem:

In Detail mode:

  1. Select a point as a passmark: Right click on a workpiece and select ‘Options’. Select ‘Path’ in the left hand menu. Check the ‘Enable Seam Allowance’ box. Right click on a point in the path where the seam allowance is 0 width for before and/or after the point. Then select ‘Passmark’ in the point options.
  2. Select the passmark symbol: (Here is where the problem occurs) In the ‘Options’ left hand menu select ‘Passmarks’. Passmark points don’t appear in the picklist if they have a 0 width seam allowance on either or both sides of the point .


@luca_lavore: Do you know how to add an issue to the Github code repo? Click the green ‘New Issue’ button in the upper right of the issues list. And post what you’ve posted here in the forum.



Issue… the term “passmarks” does not exist in the English language… and yet nobody but me seems to get this fact?


This is already an issue