Passmark on the seam line

I really like the new passmark feature, and its easy to use and makes adding them a breeze. Great job!

However, since I work with patterns without seam allowances, is there a way to add them to the seam line, in stead of the seam allowance?

Because you don’t use automatic seam allowance you can use internal path for this purpose.

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Check! I’ll use the internal paths from now on.


I would also find very convenient to have the passmark also available even if there is no sewing margin.

But I’m facing another problem:

I try to understand the passmark tool and check its usability in my case.

During my process, passmark (or notch) is mainly added at the end of the patterns making, as a mark to help the stitching process.

I would expect the passmark to be neutral regarding my geometry, but when I add them later, with the node tool, and marke them as passmark, they become part of my detail geometry and therefore, change the geometry. See the file enclosed: I would like my piece1bis to have the shame rounded shape than my piece1, but with the passmark A1A5=A2A3 and A1A6=A1A2+A2A3. Is it possible,according to that process?

If not, I see that you recommand to use internal path. I also tried this option in this file. But this is damn long to do. Is there a faster way?

See the file enclosed. Passmark test.val (6,9 Ko)

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That’s happen because in your case you need more than just insert one point that represents a passmark. In your case a passmark point represent a segment of curve. To have all curve you must to insert a curve second time after the passmark.

That approach is based on way we handle segments of curves. We select start point, curve and end point. This help to select a segment.

Also a passmark not always exist as standalone point. So adding also option neutral point/not neutral point will not make life of users easier.

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Okay, i heard you. I think i have a solution for you. Give me time to implement it.:wink:

Cool. Looking forward to see what you will propose :slight_smile:

Let’s assume i can give you an automatic passmark line even when you don’t have an automatic seam allowance. But i still don’t have one important variable in this equation. A width of seam allowance. And even more it can be different in different places (so called local seam allowances). Actually this is the main reason why we build passmarks automatically only when we know a seam allowance width in this place. Thus logically assume that if you create a seam allowance manually you also take responsibility to manually create all passmarks you need.

So, sorry, i think i can’t help you right now. I think here we will need additional tool to automate routine drawings. That’s task for future versions.

I can’t open this file.

Erreur de fichier. Exception: Version non valide. La version maximale supportée est 0.2.4

The file was made with the latest built.

Dismine, I’m not sure I understand it fully. But you say it has to be an automatic seam allowance, and not a manual one. This is still ok if it’s automatic but with 0 width. I made some trial with 0.01cm width seam alowance, and it works. The only problem is the size of the passmark which is also approximately 0.01cm, so almost invisible. Just keeping the passmark size constant, whatever the width of the seam allowance is, would do the job, isn’t it? But maybe it creates other trouble?

Please, read this Error. Invalid version. Maximum supported version is x.x.x.

A constant size it is one possible solution. But look for me more as a hack. And as i said this is way to make error that will be hard to trace because you don’t see where a real seam allowance go.

I want to listen more people. @slpencer and @Stinde please join us.

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Ok, @Mx74 please add an issue to the issues list, requesting a feature for passmarks when the seam allowance is zero.

No, the description is wrong. We need new mode for seam allowance: Built In seam allowance. In this mode user will define only one global seam allowance. This data will be used for placing passmarks.

OK, can you fix the description?

Don’t worry, i will.

I did changes, enjoy.

Also max passmark length now restricted to 10 mm. If length is smaller than 10 mm Valentina will show 50% of seam allowance width.


Waow, that’s what I call reactivity ! Well done.

Are those features above already in the latest available test build?

Not all, see the date of publication here and a test build. We publish new test build on Monday.