overlay patterns

Hello! I am new and have been learning the program for a month. I’d like to build a flat collar. This is accomplished by overlapping the shoulder point of the front and back. Is there a key that allows me to copy at least the points of the model behind, carrying them on the front shoulder?



Hello @KatiaS! Welcome to the Seamly community!

I think you’re saying that these are all on the same “Pattern piece,” just not touching. Following that assumption, notice the “Operations” tool tab on your left. Operations In the “Operations” tab you will find “Rotate objects” in the upper right corner, & “Move objects” in the lower left corner. I believe the icons are somewhat intuitive, but the tooltip will lend certainty. Both of those will affect, not the objects themselves, but a copy of the objects. Make sure not to select the point that the rest will be manipulated in relation to until you’ve pressed Enter to say that everything has been selected; then you select the pivotal point.

Of course, things can get very noisy very quickly when using those tools, so you may want to familiarize yourself with the “Create new group” tool on the upper left, which will allow you to hide, (& show again,) all the scaffolding, or whatever you don’t want to see.

If, on the other hand, this is on a different “Pattern piece,” not just a different pattern piece, you’re stuck fixing it manually. It will probably work better to have it all on one “Pattern piece.”

Once again, we’re glad to have you, thanks for bringing your questions! Keep bringing them, & before you know it you’ll be bringing answers as well! :smiley: