Opacity when working with multiple pattern pieces?


When working on multiple pattern pieces, it would be nice to be able to change the opacity of the inactive pattern, so I can focus more easily on the pattern I’m actively working. Is there a way to adjust this?

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I will promise to think about this feature only if more people will ask about this feature or something similar.

One question. Do you know that you can move a pattern piece by red base point?


Ok :slight_smile:

I didn’t know that, I knew I could delete using the base point, but not this moving feature, so great!

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Also I’m just working on a sleeve where measurements are dependent on one another while still being two different pattern pieces, if there’s a really clever way to do this that I don’t know about, by all means let me know!

This is what my work looks like right now :frowning:


(stop judging)


Sorry, i don’t understand your question.:sweat:


Well I’m using the Aldrich system, and to make a sleeve, it requires you to refer to the measurements from a basic bodice. Your starting point is the bottom point in the sleeve opening of your bodice block, and many of the measurements required to draft the sleeve require you to interact with the measurements and in some cases lines and curves from the bodice block (hence i redrafted the armscye curve from the bodice block onto the new pattern piece for the sleeve).

It gets messy, and since I am a new user, I was hoping someone had a better method, so more a prayer than a question :slight_smile:

This is what my directions look like

http://imgur.com/hY6K6go Thank you for being so responsive :slight_smile:


This time better.:wink:

Look, each next pattern piece knows information about all previous pattern pieces. I just did not understand at first time because you said measurements. More time i just say lengths in this case.

You can take this information if will use internal variables. Special names that the app will automatically replace by values. The same approach like in case with body measurements.


Yes in some instances it’s enough to use existing variables from the former pattern piece. In this instance I wanted to be able to load new measurements into a bodice block and have the sleeve not become warped, redrawing portions of the basic bodice block onto the sleeve pattern is the best solution I’ve found for creating consistent relationships.

I hope that is clear. I love this program so much, and it saves so many hours of work, it’s no big deal to redraw a few things :slight_smile:

Thanks again :slight_smile:

(also yes, measurements vs lengths, terminology matters! apologies)


Now I’m rereading what you said. Are there name-able variables that I’m not aware of? Apart from length of lines, splines, angles, etc?


Did you know that you can define your own “Name-able variables” (=increments). They don’t have to be simple values, but can also be very complex calculations.

Have a look at Timo’s male shirt pattern: https://bitbucket.org/valentinateam/valentina/issues/498/complete-male-shirt

You can see, that he is using many different values besides normal measurements or line lengths/angles. I. e. look at points A27, A39, C2, C4, etc…


Sorry, not really.:slight_smile:

No, i was talking exactly about length of lines, splines, angles, etc.

Thanks, @pandel. I forgot to mention about this part.

What version do you use?


I’m afraid I can’t open this file, it requires an older version of Valentina and the oldest version in the archive I can see is v0.2.9 and this file calls for v0.2.4. :frowning: I’m using v0.4.5

I’ve just found the section in the manual dealing with increments though so that is a big help :slight_smile: Thank you :slight_smile:


I’m using v0.4.5, :slight_smile:


How did you get it? We did not release it yet. Are you from future?:slight_smile:


Probably you need a test build. Error. Invalid version. Maximum supported version is x.x.x.


My mistake, I meant :stuck_out_tongue:


This is a lie, I can’t make sense of this, shall I start a new topic about increments?


Yes, this is the main purpose of this forum.


… and please, go and get the latest development build! It is way beyond 0.4.4…


So, I just downloaded the latest test build, and finally got a chance to look at this pattern… mind blown. Now to do some remedial math :stuck_out_tongue: thank you again :slight_smile: