Old version of software?

Is there an older version of the software that I can still download somewhere? I have an old Mac. So I cannot update my Mac software past iOS 11.

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Hello & welcome to the Seamly2D Forum, @aleishab

Please try the latest release, if that doesn’t work on your Mac, you will find earlier releases here, although you may need to go back quite a way to find one that works.

Please be sure to uninstall each version completely, restart your computer and then install a previous version (this is sometimes necessary in Windows).

Theoretically there should be no issue installing more than 1 version. I have multiple copies installed (not counting build versions). The only issue(s) you will mormally run into are the visual basic library that always wants to be repaired with any new install ??? And the fact that a new version can mess with the shared preference settings… especially if you install / run an older version which can wipe out settings for newer features.