No access to Bitbucket repo



It appears we no longer have access to the Bitbucket repository at I’ve sent email to Roman to see if he can help troubleshoot this issue, as he may still have access to it.

I’ve also open up trouble tickets with Atlassian. They don’t have phone support, or any emergency support options, so we’ll just have to see how long it takes them to respond.


I just noticed that myself… wanted to check the issues list to see what I could take a stab at. I’ll make a donation if necessary to keep the lights on. :slight_smile:


I got an e-mail from bitbucket telling me that Roman revoked my access, but I have e-mailed him and he says he is not the owner any more, and to his knowledge, no one is. So if no one is owner, then maybe that’s why bitbucket automatically revoked access for people. Roman pointed me to yourself, Susan. I’m also happy to donate a bit to help keep things flowing here. I have unfortunately not done much development lately, but am currently using valentina to design the costumes for a musical.


I have a support ticket with Bitbucket. We should hear from them today.


Looking at the activity log the repo was deleted…?

dismine — Bitbucket


Yes, here’s the response from Atlassian help desk support:

Pravin Mahendran28/Aug/17 8:32 AM
Hi Susan,
Thank you for contacting Bitbucket Cloud Support
As I’ve checked the Team Account “ValentinaTeam” and the Repository “ValentinaTeam/valentina” does not exist any longer.
Further checking into this issue and we have identified that this account and repository has been deleted by the user “dsmine”.
This is the reason why you are not able to view the repository any longer.
Please do let us know if you have any questions.
Thanks & Regards,
Your request status changed to Atlassian Investigating. 28/Aug/17 3:12 AM
Susan Spencer
Susan Spencer27/Aug/17 7:41 PM
We no longer have access to our repo. Not sure why this is categorized as a Purchasing and Licensing request.


What are the options going forward?


Bung it on GitHub if someone has the code?

GitHub is nice, and has some pro options if anyone wants to donate. There are some mirrors on GitHub already seemingly.

dismine / Valentina — Bitbucket is still up for me… as is dismine / Valentina / source / — Bitbucket


We’re setting up a Git repo, and there are some nice things that are happening with this project.

One of the nice things include possibly joining NLnet’s Commons Conservancy. This is only one possibility, there are others. I can post more when and if these things happen.

I’ve already received some interest from skilled programmers who understand open source communities. The previous repo maintainer treated contributors as threats instead of assets. It will be interesting to see the progression of this project as a response to the cultural change.


Susan… glad to hear things should be looking up. Obviously there’s been some issues going on, but I have no dog in that fight and I’d rather look ahead to move the project forward. Please keep us posted and if donations are needed to fund a Git repo.



I have to clone of the repo from 27. Aug


Is there any way we can get into the old wiki on Bitbucket?


We are working on this. We’ve had a lot of offers to help from some pretty good developers. They’re assisting in the evening after their day jobs. Super helpful. So please be patient. It’s going to be okay…the repo will be up again soon.


Thank you for the info :slight_smile: I was just worried that the old wiki was lost. I’d like to make that my next project to bring it over to the new wiki - even if we call it the old wiki, because it’s a really good one.


The old wiki IS lost. Roman deleted the old wiki.


Oh, dear. Ok, so that’s it on that thought.


Old Wiki.pdf (1.1 MB)

However… All is no lost :slight_smile: I should be able to recover at least this bit.


That is probably all or most of it. Grace do you see why I thought you could put the new material you developed for your PDF Ebook into the structure from the old wiki? At least for me, the way old wiki was organized makes a lot of sense and it lends itself to becoming the updated ebook. Poke me when you are ready and I will be happy to review it


This is wonderful that you have this in a PDF. Perhaps we can find someone to repost this in the wiki.


:slight_smile: I actually copied it into Word to use for the wiki & forgot about it. Just give me a few weeks & I’ll see what I can do.