New section on Wiki regarding Continuous Integration Pipeline

In the interest of transparency, I have begun a new section on the wiki. I do not have much time that I can devote to the Seamly2D project between now and December 7, so please do not be surprised if I make no contributions until then. I began by creating a paragraph describing the CI tools used on valentina and continued on Seamly.

There is a great deal that I can and will add here. If anyone has a contribution to make, that is what a WIKI is for! Please share information if you have it.

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see also

please feel free to invite anyone who may have a serious interest in participating in this process

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to see where I would start to figure out how to update the interface between github and there is additional info in this message. I am sure that something needs to be done. It may be as simple as contacting someone in tech support to ask to migrate the account. It may be that fashionfreedom or an individual needs to create a new account. What I determined is that I am unable to simply click the update service button. One reason is that I am unaware of the username and token for the account currently linked with the github account. If someone other than me fixes the issue before I return December 7, that will be delightful. If I return to civilization December 7 and it is still an issue, I will figure out what needs to be done and fix it before January 31 which is that stated date (by github) when it will no longer work the way it has been.

Consequenses of nobody taking action will be that there will be no new mac executables build after Jan 31, 2019

see also and these screenshots

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