New colors for lines

Hi everyone,

Would anyone else like to have additional line colors? Here are some colors that might be good additions, does anyone have comments or suggestions?

These are HTML named colors, they are supported in most desktops and operating systems:

Right now we support:

  • black
  • green
  • blue
  • darkRed
  • darkGreen
  • darkBlue
  • yellow

These colors are part of enum SVG color keyword names.

Red and cyan colors we already use in visualizations and i don’t want mix colors for both cases.

So, you can propose colors from this list.

Ok, Cyan and Red should be excluded.

I have some challenges to utilize the colors. The basic problem is that I’d like to use colors for special purpose like measurement line (currently always green). If I use more colors I cannot always remember the meaning. I’d like to name the colors for certain purpose then I can use more colors. The lines are so thin on the screen that it is difficult see the color. The colors should be bright.

I think this is about Issue #476.

@Stinde You want a new feature, rather complex. You should start a new thread.

So here’s an updated list of proposed colors, with replacements for Red & Cyan:

This issue would be good for a newbie contributor!

Maybe also light salmon and dark salmon? The same question about dark violet.

Not sure. Looks easy, but only because i know what to do.

Here are some more bright colors, say which ones you like or don’t like.

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I’m starting to look into the code of valentina. I’d like to start contributing to the developement with a not to complicated task, this one might be not too difficult.

If that’s ok with you then I would define some new colors. Which one would you like? I gathered this list from the existing colors and a selection of @slpencer suggestions:

Is this ok, are more / less / different colours necessary?

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I love them all !!

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