New backup feature




I have great new idea.:slight_smile: And wanna discuss it before implementation.

All who use the application very good know that it not really super stable. And sometimes you save file and only after this understand that it now broken. Not really pleasant experience.

What i propose is the same way experience people do manually. After each saving the make copy of a file and continue work. I propose new option that will allow save 1-1000 last saving in folder near pattern file. A folder will have the same name as pattern file. And will contain pattern files with timestamp. The application will automatically remove “old” savings and create new one. The path to backup folder could be changed in the application options. For example if someone want to have separate place for such backups.

So, what do you think? Any suggestions?


Hello, it is a very good idea, although I do not see too many crashes. I use the Mac version, and I can not find too much instability. However, the implementation of this new feature is the assurance not to take tantrums. Do you plan to set this function (the number of backup for example)? If we add the Apple TimeMachine function, then we will be sure to lose nothing.



This sounds like a good idea. Crashes can occur in various ways, and the crashes are difficult to replicate. Users have reported losing entire files as a result of the crashes. This suggestion is a reasonable response to the situation. I suspect that Barbara’s work with creating the pattern as a tree structure will eliminate some if not all of the crash problem.


  1. What advantage does 1000 backup files yield, versus 10 or 100?
  2. Will the ‘auto-save’ setting in Preferences determine frequency of creating backup files?


Do you think Barbara still working on it?

  1. What advantage does 1000 backup files yield, versus 10 or 100?

The backup folder will contains more your previous steps. Maybe you are right, and 100 is too big number.:slight_smile:

2.Will the ‘auto-save’ setting in Preferences determine frequency of creating backup files?

No, ‘auto-save’ setting works only with unsaved changes and if only file was previously changed. No need to make more than one file.

The application will create backup copy only after user will click on save button. This way he shows us he want this state to be saved. The feature allow him to do it more frequently without fear of loosing data. And bothering about manual making backup copies.

Again, the main reason for this feature is losing data of pattern after saving broken pattern into file. With this feature user will have enough save points to restore his data and continue work.


Hi @Barbara_Winkler-Wolf! Are you still working on the Valentina file to convert it to a tree structure?


Just to add my 5c worth :slight_smile: I find the autosave feature very reliable. I’m working on Windows 10 and have very unreliable electricity. It has been a few times that my computer has cut out on me in the middle of doing something and when I get back, I can choose to carry on where I left off or not to. The 1st time I chose to carry on where I left off, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I hadn’t lost any information at all.

I have my basic pattern block and when I create something else from it, I always first save it into its pattern folder under a name that I can identify with before making changes to my basic pattern. And I copy my folder over to an external drive at least weekly as a further backup. For people working professionally, I’d suggest daily.