Needing help selecting base size for tape



Hi All,

Massive apologies in advance for my super basic question that follows, I am super new to the Valentina and just in the beginning stages of learning all the ins and outs of this fantastic tool.

Ok so here goes…I have started to set up my standard size measurements in Tape based on the size chart on page 13 of ‘Metric Pattern Cutting for Women’s Wear’ by Winifred Aldrich. For further reference I am using size 10 as my base size for grading which is equivalent to an Australian size 8. However there is just one thing about the default sizes that Valentina has listed as the default where base size = 50cm. Can someone please help to explain the exact point of measurement on the body that correlates to the 50cm and how this measurement was decided as the default measurement, such as what was the base womenswear clothing size that this correlates to?

I am sure I must have missed something along the line as I have read as many forum threads that I wrap my eyeballs around and based on what I have read in the forums base size is dependent on a POM for the bust/chest? However (at least in Australia) there are no bust measurement for a standard size 8 that would match a base size measurement of 50cm at the bust. In fact if I was using the bust_circ as listed in Aldrich then I would need to list 84cm as my base size and 170cm for my base height. However the base size range only runs from 22cm to 72cm. Which has left me stumped, as to what this measurement relates to. Can someone please help to explain?

I have read the user manual over and over - which has left me with even more questions…I have provided the link here. It seems that the author of the method is using the same reference book and perhaps the same chart that I am using however, I am not sure what POM they have used to reach base size = 34.

Again a little further clarification here would be wonderful… Can someone help to identify how they came up with the 34cm as the base size here? Looking over the size charts in Aldrich the only conclusions I can come up with here is “neck size” or “back width” - but surely if the POM could be interchangeable based on the operator we would need to identify which POM we are using when setting up the standard size measurements?

I am so sorry for wafting on here, but I would be truly grateful for any further clarification and assistance on the topic of how to calculate or measure the base size. Understanding this is clearly important to using the program and I would love to feel confident moving forward

Thanks a bunch in advance :slight_smile: :pray:


When it comes to multisize tables there are too many differences between standards. And it is hard to build universal approach. Especially because you don’t have information about all of them.

Your guess is right. The size is bust_circ measurement. But we use not full value, half of it.:slight_smile: So, in your case 84 cm became 42 cm.


Brilliant! Thanks so much for the swift answer @dismine! This is exactly what I needed to know :raised_hands: :rainbow:. I suspected as much but couldn’t find an answer anywhere that listed it so plainly as base size = half bust_circ :blush: .

This could be a useful point to add to the user manual just incase there are any other newbs out there scratching their heads.

Thanks again, total life saver :grin:


Sorry @dismine I just have a quick follow up question if I have currently saved my measurement chart with the base size as 50cm. Just confirming I will need to create a new standard measurement chart as the calculated value will now too small, is that correct?

Thanks again


You can do it. We use Wiki anyone can edit it.

Yes, you should create new file because you can’t change your decision.


@dismine awesome! I will do so now :slight_smile:

Great - As I suspected I will get started re-making it tonight.

Thanks again for the guidance.


I’ve added it as a red note so that it stands out in the tutorial. :slight_smile:


Awesome :raised_hands: :clap:- Thanks @Grace I got side tracked into other tasks last night and was about to update this morning. :slight_smile: