Necktie Designs


Stumbled on Seamly after searching for pattern making software. Is this a good platform to desgin neckties…creating patters and/or applying patters to a blank template?


You can make any type of pattern. It is mostly used for clothing, but I use it for quilting, soft toys and bags, as well.


Thanks Grace! any older postings in here with “necktie” tutorials or tips geared towards neckties?


I must say… Welcome to the Seamly2D forum. We’re a friendly bunch on here and are always happy to help.

Only this one that I can recall: How to create a Tie Pattern?

Have fun :slight_smile: There are various videos and tutorials on how to use Seamly2D in the User Manual in the link at the top of this page.


@Grace, I just followed that old thread and asked the author of the nice tie pattern for permission to post it on the seamly cloud.