name.Val & name.Vit printing in Pattern Details


Hi @dismine, Is it possible that the filename.val and filename.vit be printed on each pattern piece details?



Only measurements file name. If you need also a pattern name please create an issue.

Go to File->Pattern properties to enable this option.


Good suggestion. Create an issue at

To show measurement file .vit name: Select to File/Pattern Properties/General Info Check box at bottom of dialog for Show measurements file Go to Details mode. Right click on pattern piece, select Options. Select SeamAllowanceTool/Labels icon/Labels tab Check box for Pattern label visible


I just discovered that if you check “show measurements file” in the draw mode as you just described, and check the pattern label visible in detail mode as you describe the pattern name and customer name will also appear on the printed pattern. While this is not precisely the same as having the file names automatically included, it will serve the same purpose and not require a software change. Thanks for the tip.


Hey @kmf the pattern filename *.val is important too, The Pattern name field is for assigning a descriptive name like “Chloe skirt” or “Twist Top”, etc. If you have time would you create an issue?