Multiple pattern sizes in layout



I sew clothing for family, often times a single design will be used for two person, the only difference being the size. Having to print the same design in multiple sizes on multiple papers is time wasting and usually unnecessary, so I want to stack them together, like commercially produced patterns.

It seems that the multi size feature only lets you quickly switch sizes, but actually you can still only print one at a time.

Currently I’ve resorted to manually layering exported layouts on top of each other using GIMP, but this is very time consuming, as each pattern piece has different orientations when exported in different sizes, it takes a lot of effort to place them right.

A feature like this may prove to be useful for many home sewers, especially children, since you can print sizes bigger than their current size in one go.


Hi you should add an issue requesting this feature to the bitbucket issue list Https://


Ok thanks! I didn’t know about that. I happen to have another few ideas that’ll make the program more user friendly, should I post them there as well?


It’s best to discuss ideas here first, then if it seems like it’s not already in the issues list, and it fits with our road map, then add them to the issues list. I’m looking forward to your posts!


Ce serait très utile! Je crée des patrons que j’offre aux clientes de ma boutique. J’offre gratuitement une seule grandeur en download dans mes tutoriels et dans ma boutique, mais j’aimerais bien avoir la possibilité d’imprimer le multisize pour la vente.

It would be very useful! I create patterns that I offer to the customers of my shop. I offer a single size free download in my tutorials and in my shop, but I would like to have the opportunity to print the multisize for sale.