Moving a pattern piece


Hello, is it possible to move a pattern piece to other places of the layout?


Sorry i don’t really understand this question.


Example: i trace a sleeve block on top of my bodice block because I need some referral points from it. Once my sleeve is completely traced, I would like to move that block to the side so that the lines of the bodice block and the sleeve block are not mixed together. Thanks @dismine


Thanks, much clear now.

Because your two pattern pieces not fully separate you should do it all in one pattern piece. The v0.5.0 also provide tool Move. This tool allows you to select objects and move them outside of original block. This is moving by copying.

I think combining two tools Group and Move you will achieve what you want. You can move referral points and calmly build your sleeve pattern.


@dismine Thanks for your reply. I look forward to having version 0.5.0 then!


Good. Don’t forget that this is still a test build. Now it more or less stable, but this can change in future.


this test build version will be released by next week?


I release changes each Monday. No changes, no release. See date of publishing.


One way of moving part around it drag the pattern piece base point to another location or change it’s coordinates.