Mirroring images/curves etc

If I am reading right the options to do this are under operations but I can’t seem to figure out how to do it properly. What I am trying to do is… let say I have a pattern piece with some crazy curve in it on the left side of the pattern piece and I need this same curve on the right side but flipped the other way. So far I have been winging it and trying to copy some settings from one to the other to get it at least close but it’s time consuming. Are there dumbed down instructions on how to accomplish this?


The showing of videos somehow is not working right now. So download this file and watch it for instructions, I’m looking into the forum settings.

It’s ok, i was able to download the video and the .val Took me a few minutes but i think I got it mostly figured out. Thanks :slight_smile:

As a quick instruction for others looking for answers and before a good walkthrough is made…

What I did for the curve on the left that I wanted on the right.

Click operations click the “flip object by line” choose the points of the part you want to mirror, making sure to hold down the control button to select multiple points/lines/curves etc Once you have all of your objects selected hit the enter key to let it know you are done then click the 2 points you are using for your center line (for me it was top center point and bottom center point) a popup comes up (that i didn’t much pay attention to) click ok/apply and bam…mirrored.

Haven’t done much with the “flip by axis” one yet though.