Minimum Lovable Product


This article on Aha! 's blog has a list of characteristics for how lovable a product will be. It’s super encouraging. We can check off every item in the list for Valentina. The Minimum Lovable Product | Aha! Blog

Remember that the goal is to find the big idea first. The more of these characteristics you can check off for your idea, the more lovable your product will be.

  • At least one person tells you it’s never been done
  • Customers visibly smile when you describe it to them
  • Someone swears when they hear the idea (in delight or disgust)
  • You dream of using it and all of the features you could add
  • Only your CTO or top architects think it’s possible
  • People start contacting you to learn about what you are building (old school word-of-mouth)
  • The top industry analysts are not writing about it