Measurements table


Hello im new in here and i’m trying to understand how valentina works translating from english to italian. when i will learn how to works with the programme i will also help with the translation. I have some questions. Here they are

  1. In the measurement chart i selected centimeters but the measurmentes are still in millimeteres exept the calcolated value. How can i put all the measure in cm?
  2. I cant understand the meaning of the last two columns in the measurement chart. the first and the second have the same value(calculated value and the value of the base size), the third and the last are the value between one size and the other in circumference and height?(the measure usually are just reffered to one of them not both)
  3. What is the table of variables? How can I fill

thank you so much

—>Will follow some more questions!


Hello again,

Here is your image

Did you select combobox in the bottom of the window? If yes, this is wrong. This combobox helps you convert values to pattern units. Before you made a measurements Tape app asked you to select units for measurements. And how i see you selected millimeters. You can’t change it for exist file, you should create new one.

This is so called standard or multi size tables. I gave you link to our Wiki page where i described how it is works. Again, when you create a measurements file you select type. What you need called Individual measurements.

This dialog contains information about geometric objects: length, angle, radius etc. Manually you can edit only Increments (i call them like this). Increments are special variables that you can use to extend measurements, calculate some values and use every where only name, give just a single variable a name etc. All other values you will fill automatically by creating new object in a pattern step by step.


@dismine So… I understood about the measurement table…I will create my personal ones! The increments are the value between one size and the next one? I need them for grading. Isn’t it? About the table of variables do i have to edit or it works empty? I still can’t understand what it contains…Contains the pattern making rules(for example the rules to find the height of the waist)?



Nope. In Valentina we do not support such way of grading. You should use formulas instead. We have been using parametric way. If you prefer

value between one size and the next one. I need them for grading.

this is project not for you. And you should find another application.

You can add Increments. Other data is read only.

Judging by your questions i made a conclusion that you do not understand how Valentina works. What is your background? Looks very familiar to CAD way. This is bad, because Valentina some kind different. And you can’t use the same way here.

Right now your problem is lack of knowledge. And your questions are too complex. And that’s why i can’t help you without returning to bases. I can only consult and not teach you how to use Valentina. Sorry.


@dismine Ok. I will try on my own!


The videos on our YouTube channel are good to describe how to configure valentina, make a simple pattern (square), and a simplified bodice. They use a previous version of Valentina but the instructions are still correct and will help explain many things. There is no sound.