Measurements inaccurate after printing

Reconstruct the Layout image row by row. Start at row 1, column 1 [page (1,1)] in the upper left corner of the Layout image. Complete row 1 (1,1) to (1,n) Then start the next row (2,1),= to (2,n) etc.

I know in which order to place them. I mean should the edges of each pages touch each other exactly without any overlap? Width wise it seemed to have cut lines on it that I would assume should be lined up together and then taped, but the length had no such lines.

Just follow the instructions for tiled PDF’s. By definition the paper overlaps, so you are asking about adding additional overlap. Just match up the lines around the edges of the paper, making sure in addition to match up the lines of the sewing pattern. If there’s no line incongruities then you’ve done a good job. The vertical lines and the horizontal lines around the paper edges should line up. If there’s extra overlap between the pages then the lines don’t match up. I assume that you matched the lines up where they should match without adding extra overlap. I’m sure you did a perfect job.

i did for the horizontal but there weren’t any for the vertical which is what confused me in the first place. (the little dotted lines with the pic of the scissors)

So to be very specific here: You are saying there are no vertical lines (which affect horizontal taping) along the side edges of the tiled PDF pages. Or are you saying there are no horizontal lines (which affect vertical taping) along the top & bottom edges of the tiled PDF pages?

horizontal (top n bottom) However… I just checked the pdf and I do see them there but are very close to the edge. Unless I am losing my mind they were not there on the printed sheets. If that is the case it would appear that it isn’t printing the entire length of the thing… Maybe…I’m tired and could be making stuff up at this point lol (printouts are in another town from me atm and my memory sucks) “IF” that is the case, it could account for the difference in measurements. I will have to double check… But to be clear, there SHOULD be these dotted lines both horizontal and vertical to aid in matching them up?

Yes these lines should be there. Maybe the top & bottom margins on your printer don’t match the top & bottom printer margins in the Layout dialog.

I will look into it and post my results

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As i said before, you probably did not set properly printer margins. In other words each printer has none printable area you should keep in mind. Valentina tries set for you minimal values, but that’s not always a correct way.

And again, printer margins you should set before you create a layout.

So…I don’t see any settings for margins in any of the printers settings/properties on the PC. (unless there are some you have to manually set on the printer itself.

Isn’t the margins what this setting is all about? Was I incorrect in having it checked? Should I have it unchecked and leave everything at 0?

Quite opposite, uncheck option Ignore fields and set not 0 value for each field. To be sure set 10 mm for each side.

ok thanks. I’ll try that. but for understanding why 10mm? (told you I ask a lot of questions haha)

Because i want to be sure the value is enough for your printer. Again, it cannot print on all sheet. You should keep that in mind and say Valentina how much space is not usable for printing.

Please check if you are able to access the page scaling setting for your printer driver. With Windows 10, some older printer models are no longer supported (like my Brother MFC-7820N). This is supposed to pressure me to buy a new printer. This is my printer setup from within applications:

The settings from Printers & Scanners/Manage/Brother MFC-7820N aren’t any better. Here’s an example, I’d include the other screenshots but it’s just more of the same.
Printer preferences:

Printer properties:

Ok finally in the same location as the printer. I printed out the skirt front again and got pics of the measurements. The sheets are taped perfectly according to the guidelines. Also edited the fields as mentioned.

(issues uploading pics on my end)

I also printed out the square test one. This one all measured perfectly.

For my next trick I am going to install the latest version of 6.0 (If I can download the darn thing, stuck in the country with spotty internet that keeps failing the download) And am going to redesign the skirt from scratch in the new version. If it still gives me grief, I will try the square test again but mirror it a few times to make sure it is multi page and see what happens there.

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@ladysinaz I am not sure whether this affects you or not, but the only way that I have been able to print tiled pages to proper scale is to generate the layout, leave the layout up in Valentina, then go to the “file menu” top left and roll down to the layout submenu. (It is important that you have set the margins LARGE ENOUGH. The printer margins are set on the layout mode window.) @dismine mentioned to you earlier that they needed to be at least 10 mm. I believe that his point is that the margins need to be LARGE ENOUGH. The program apparently does not deal well with situations where the margins are TOO SMALL for your printer. What I have found on my particular printer is that they need to be at least 1.1 inches (2.794 cm) I suspect that the value is different for different printers. From there, select preview tiled pdf and print the pages you wish to print. I have found that when I do that, the scaling works perfectly and the printed lines to guide you where to cut to piece the pattern together are clear. When I had the margins set to be too narrow for my printer or when I checked “ignore fields”, I was driving myself batty because the guidelines were not printed and the scaling was not consistent among pages.


please see also this post Issue #297 closed prematurely -print scale

That did it. Perfect measurements that way. I will have to fiddle with it when I have some time to see if I can figure out where the hangup is with other settings and margin sizes to help pin down anything that could be coded into the application to help. There seems to be an issue with printing direct from the program… but not always. Seems to work ok from the preview, but when i did it straight “print tiled pdf” my pattern didn’t print although it did show up in the spooler. That square test file printed fine using the same method though… *shrug. Either it’s file specific, or inconsistent, or having to do with one being 1 page and one being multipage… I’ll let everyone know what I come up with.

SUPER HUGE THANKS again, for the workaround to get my proper proportions :smiley:

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you are most welcome. And the idea that print tiled pdf does not work exactly as expected is something that I have seen also. I have not taken the time to figure out the precise behaviour and document it and I am sure that someone trying to fix it would need that precision in a description.

Also, I believe that save tiled pdf may work but I have not taken the time to prove that. I know that there are issues with at least some PDF view/print utilities with scaling and internal representation differences (90 dpi vs 96 dpi is one issue). I have not had the time to investigate these or document them either. Once I found that I could get useful printed output through preview I moved on because I have other priorities.

same here, have to find the time :slight_smile: But i wanted to make sure we figured out and documented at least this much so when someone else new comes along with the same issues / questions they will have this thread for troubleshooting.

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