Measurements diagram missing

Hie I am a nebie in here I just trying to draw patterns The first question is why in seamlyme i can not see the diagram and also why in preference there are three dirs that the installation program doe not create Thank you for your time

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Which OS do you use? Windows? MacOS? One of the Linux distros? & which version?

I believe the directories are created as-needed, they certainly can be, though as you indicate, it would be reassuring to see them at install.

@slspencer I wonder if the diagram issue is related to the language issue. I have the same problem on my Chromebook, but since ChromeOS isn’t officially supported I didn’t think much of it, I can see the diagrams on my main (Ubuntu Linux 18) computer with an older install.

GT: Ποιο λειτουργικό σύστημα χρησιμοποιείτε; Windows; MacOS; Μία από τις διανομές Linux; & ποια έκδοση;

Πιστεύω ότι οι κατάλογοι δημιουργούνται ανάλογα με τις ανάγκες, σίγουρα μπορεί να είναι, αν και όπως υποδεικνύετε, θα ήταν καθησυχαστικό να τους δείτε κατά την εγκατάσταση.

@slspencer Αναρωτιέμαι αν το ζήτημα του διαγράμματος σχετίζεται με το ζήτημα της γλώσσας. Έχω το ίδιο πρόβλημα στο Chromebook μου, αλλά επειδή το ChromeOS δεν υποστηρίζεται επίσημα, δεν το σκέφτηκα πολλά, μπορώ να δω τα διαγράμματα στον κύριο υπολογιστή μου (Ubuntu Linux 18) με παλαιότερη εγκατάσταση.

My operating system is Windows 10 And the language I’m using is greek if he can fix it with another language I don’t have a problem using English does this solve this problem?

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Hello & welcome back, @yiannistamv.

Have you tried turning the diagram on? image

I always make my own directories in a folder on my desktop, so I can find them easily. This way, when I’m helping people on the forum, I don’t have to go all the way to the C drive and then the programs, etc. etc. :slight_smile:


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Yes I have tryed it I cannot see the picture as for the dirs I did create them I just wonder why the installation program does not create them

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Please send me your measurements file so that I can see what it’s doing. :slight_smile:

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that’s what i get no diagram at all


Wow! that is very strange.

I think @Pneumarian is correct. It is a similar problem to the one with the languages that is only with new installations.

I’m thinking that the programming team are currently working on these bugs that crept into our new release and soon there will be an update released but I’m not too sure if it will only be Linux or will it include Windows, as well: 20200619 Linux Appimage Test Build!

In the meantime, perhaps you can reference the images from the lists here: Measurements - Seamly2D

I have created an issue for this: Measurements Diagrams not available in SeamlyMe in new installation · Issue #273 · FashionFreedom/Seamly2D · GitHub


Yes the images and translation files were not included in our latest build instructions. We are working this issue as quickly as possible.

Thanks for your patience!


ok it’s fixed – Download the New Release with Translations & Images FIXED!