Measurement Chart

Hi, I’m creating a chart that I can print, on which to record all measurements of a person to be entered into the Tape. Please can someone send me a list of all the standard measurement areas with their abbreviations (codes) used in Tape? Or tell me how I can print it from Tape?

Thank you


Please, read this page Measurements.

Also you can create or open a file with all measurements and export it to csv format (since 0.5.0).

Thank you very much :grinning:

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I have created a PDF to print to jot down measurements as you take them. If you’d like it, please contact me & I’ll email it to you.

@Grace, I would really like to see the PDF file. I was about to do the same thing


Could you post your PDF here? It might be helpful for many people. Not everyone will use the measurements that you use, but it might help others develop something that they need.

If this is something that many people want, please add it to the issues list at bitbucket. If everyone wants it quickly, then we could take up a collection to pay someone to code it up. Roman codes the high priority bugs and features. (Of course he wouldn’t mind if anyone sent him a donation – I’m working on a way to do this.)

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It’s just a list of the measurements on tape, with place to add your measurements Very basic, 2 columns and 3 pages on A4. It won’t let me add a pdf so here are jpg’s

Fixed. We can add PDF’s now !


Thank you :grinning:

Here’s a basic Ease Allowance chart that one can print and keep handy until it’s all memorized and 2nd nature.

Ease Allowances.pdf (477.2 KB)

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Hi @Grace,

Can you create a new post and attach the Ease Allowances.pdf file so that it is easier for other users to find it?

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hi @slpencer, i’ve installed the stable version 0.5.0. i noticed i have some different measurement names in Tape(known from database) compared to the names in the Table of Variables-Increments, though it points to the same values or formulas and are not editable. Do i have wrong installation?

Check your settings. Tape and Valentina has independent settings. And probably you should sync pattern making systems.

Many thanks @dismine. i got it synchronized.