Margins not responding for layout

I finally created my first pattern. yeah! but in layout mode I would like to change the margins of the pattern piece. The first pattern piece touches the top of the layout. I tried to change al margins, in every way. But still the first pattern piece touches the top of the layout. image

these are the margins settings: image Also with margin 10 at top or bottom keeps the pattern piece sticked to the top

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The layout display only shows the area within the margins. If you don’t try ridiculously extensive margins it’s not very obvious. (I have tried it with ridiculous margins, so I’m pretty sure I’m right.) & you’ll have to be sure to print at 100% instead of fitting to page, (I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten that almost every time I’ve gone to print, or I have some other problem that I really ought to look into.) :unicorn:


in the tutorial of the panty you can see that the pattern pieces are not sticked to the top of the background, there is a white space, and the margins are set to 0. I followed it exactly, also played with the margins and they do respond only not the top margins. they stay sticked

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Hi @esthervt, Acrobat Reader always leaves a 2.5mm blank area around the edge of the paper. So if all your margins are 0 and you have a line inside this 2.5mm area, it won’t be printed. You can have a look at this topic that I did a few years ago: Tiled preview doesn't match printed pages?

You can also test using different sizes of paper, in the Layout tab, to see which will put the pattern pieces closer together. I always put a check mark next to the Save Length of Paper option when I do this.

However, looking at the image that you posted in your 1st query, I wouldn’t concern myself with the pattern touching the upper part of the image because that is just an image of how the pattern will appear on the printable parts of the paper. Those margins are only the way Seamly2D calculate if the pattern will fit onto your chosen paper or not.

When you go to the next step of actually creating the PDF file, you will have options there to create margins for the actual paper and that line will be on the margin that you set there.

I hope that this will help you :slight_smile:

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