Manual layout with overlapping patterns


I’m all new to this sewing thing and never used a commercial pattern before. I made a fairly big pattern for a backpack and enjoyed the process – thanks to everybody who helps to develop this software!

Now I’m done and ready to print the layout, but I see no reason why every workpiece has to take up its own space. There is one big workpiece and all the others would fit inside it, I could print it like that and easily translate all the lines to fabric or cardboard. In the details view, I can arrange the workpieces like that, but I haven’t found a similar option for the layout mode. Am I missing something?

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Normally, we would place the individual pattern pieces on the fabric, & cut around them, for most of us this tends to be less wasteful since the pattern can be used multiple times, especially if you’re using a fabric which you want to match up carefully.

However, there are ways to force the issue if you feel that it would be a waste to have individual pattern pieces. You could draft your pattern all in one place, & use the “Internal path tool” in the “details” tab to draw in the secondary pieces. OR (what I’m guessing will work better,) you could export the layout as an .svg & re-arrange the pieces in a vector-drawing program such as Inkscape.

One of the Seamly goddesses may have more helpful information, in which case I defer to them as a mere fellow-suppliant.


Hi & welcome, @HolyMole

If you have designed all the pieces inside the one big square, then you could use the Internal Path Tool.



Thanks for the replies!

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