Manual building the source code



Hi everyone,

Let’s use this thread for questions about building the source code. Recently i have finished updating document Hacking:Building from the Wiki. And wanna know your feedback.

But first i wanna answer on question “Why should i care?”. If you really wanna use Valentina for making patterns you should because:

  • Each new stable release happens approximately each year. And this means a user that uses code from develop branch have big advantage. Just look at ChangeLog for current develop branch and you will find how many new important features you can’t use until the official release.
  • Forget about common myth “I don’t know programming and this mean i can’t build the code”. The code structure specially developed for easy maintenance. What helps us also working for you. All you need is to setup once an environment and enjoy new features.
  • Don’t forget that Valentina is open source project. Why don’t use all advantages it gives you? This is part of user freedom after all.
  • The test packages we have been building will not fix problem because we can’t make it regularly.
  • Yes, word test means unstable, sometimes, but this is payment for using new features. And next time when you will use stable release remember that someone has been spending his time for making code more stable.

Warning. Most patterns made with test code will not be opened with the last release.